Usage: MODE <channel> +|-<modes> [<params>]

Sets various modes for the channel. You must be an operator in the channel to issue these commands, some commands are reserved for server operators:

A - Auditorium, b - Ban, c - Block colors, d - Block nick changes, e - Block CTCPs, i - Invite only,
J - Java exception, j - Java exception, k - Key, L - Language filtering, l - Limit, M - Moderation target,
m - Moderation, N - Moderation receiver, n - No external messages, O - Overflow, o - Channel operator, p - Private,
q - Quiet, R - Registered users only, r - Registered, s - Secret, t - Topic, U - Channel knocks,
u - Channel user, v - Voice, z - Encrypted

For more information type /hs cmode <mode> Examples:
/hs cmode m /hs cmode o